Monday 11 April 2011

Eco 360 electric municipal suction sweeper provides clean sweep at Coventry University

We are pleased to advise the recent supply of a new Eco 360 battery powered precinct sweeper to Coventry University.

Following demonstrations and trials the University opted for the Eco 360 on its green credentials, low running costs and manouvrability. The Eco 360 will be used around the University campus area and new multi - storey car park keeping all areas clean and tidy.

The Eco 360 is a traction battery powered precinct sweeper providing low noise, emission free sweeping with low running and maintenance costs. The Eco 360 is road legal and exempt from road tax being battery powered whilst providing up to 8 hours operation on a charge.

Attached are pictures of the Eco 360 outside the University entrance and with Kenny – Coventry Universities trained driver of the sweeper.

 SL730424 SL730425 SL730428 SL730429

Goupil electric utility vehicle for Redditch Council

We have recently installed a new Goupil electric utility vehicle for use by Redditch Borough Council in Redditch town centre. Following extensive trials the Council ordered a caged tipper Goupil G3 battery powered utility vehicle for waste collection duties within the town centre to replace an engine driven vehicle previously used . The Goupil G3 utility vehicle is exempt from road tax, emission free in use and cheaper to operate than the previous vehicle, thus providing a cleaner ,greener vehicle with lower running costs.

The Goupil G3 is a battery powered utility vehicle available in approximately 20 variants including dropside pick up, box van, tipper, caged tipper and waste collector. Also available are optional electric pressure washer for street furniture / general cleaning duties and a watering system for planters and hanging baskets – further vehicle details and specifications can be downloaded from our website.

Attached pictures show the vehicle at installation at the Council prior to being put to work on the streets of Redditch.